Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pissed About Piss


See that unnatural looking glob on my viewfinder above the word SONY in the above picture...THAT'S DOG PISS!

You know, the old mantra of any TV Photog is don't walk away from your camera with it on the tripod. I should know...I've crashed a camera from atop a tripod..and I was standing right next to it....The old mantra didn't help me this time.


You see I caught live shot duty last week for the annual rabies clinic in the station parking lot. While setting up for the shot I left the camera on the ground under the tripod while I ran back and forth to the truck.


More than 600 dogs, cats and their owners wrapped around the sidewalk to our parking and with that many animals waiting their turn, sure, accidents are going to happen.

As I was doing my first live shot I noticed an unusually strong stench and I thought to myself the the dogs were really foul today. But after the first live shot an older gentleman gave me the bad news.


He saw a dog lift his leg over my camera that was safely on the ground (and plenty dang far from the line of dogs, cats and owners) and piss on it.

It was only a short dribble as the man told it, mostly onto my viewfinder but enought on my rycote windscreen to justify a trip to the drycleaner (still to come).


I can't help but wonder who in their right mind would let their dog PEE on a $30,000 TV Camera? And also if the dog thought my windscreen was some kind of subserviant feline?

As Lenslinger would say...SHEESH!!!


turdpolisher said...

guess he was just letting you know who's the bitch.

Anonymous said...


This kind of stuff drives me nuts though. It drives me insane when pet owners let their animals do whatever they want.

I had a neighbor who, every morning, would walk her damn dog right across my lawn and he would leave me a little present. Finally I had enough. I went out one morning and confronted her. I asked her to please stop letting her dog crap in my yard OR clean it up.

She immediately told me how cold I was. This is her "child".


I told her if she kept it up I have a child too. A four year old daughter. I was going to bring her to HER front yard and let her cop a squat.

She never let the dog crap in my yard again and moved on to my next door neighbor.

Anonymous said...

I guess the dog knew which camera to piss on.

Anonymous said...

That's why God invented Smith & Wesson...needless to say, I absolutely hate dogs.