Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Church Steeple

From the load on the truck it looks like the guys from PFI Steeple Service have a couple of more visits with the Big Man before they're done for the day.


This steeple is being placed on the rooftop of Woodlawn Baptist Church on North Main Street in High Point. After 50 years of service the chruch's old steeple started deteriorating and even causing leaks in the roof. They dismantled the old steeple, put a new roof on the church and then they purchased a new steeple.

But the guys in charge of this lofty project almost didn't finish this one.

The crane operator, working from the truck, raised the spire into position above the bell housing and started lowering it onto the bell housing at the direction of his littler brother who is inside of it to secure it into position. When he pushed the lever to lower the crane a few more inches the truck lurched and the steeple dropped 2 feet bouncing around on top of the bellhousing assembly.

It was surely Divine Intervention that kept the whole assembly from crashing to the ground.

Steeple (3)

After they safely secured the pieces together they hollered down to ask me if I got it on video. Of course I did!

The Church did save the old bell from the original steeple and have it installed in the new one.

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