Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Greensboro Signs

There are 9 new signs in Downtown Greensboro that are designed to help you find your way to some popular downtown destinations and they aren't standard government issue.

GSO Signs (3)

The signs are a project of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated and are literally works of art. They are being called Wayfinding signs and were built by Lyndon St. Artworks which is also located in downtown Greensboro.

The informational part of the signs are an almost standard rectangular shaped sign, with the destinations on the face. But on top of the sign is a skyline view of Greensboro with a 3-dimensional tree scape in front of the cityscape.

GSO Signs (1)

The post holding the sign 7 to 8 feet up is a separate work of art itself featuring iron cast details of city culture built into the four 1 inch square tubular supports. The artsy details in the signpost include Grasshopper baseball, The Greensboro 4, from the 1960 Woolworth sit ins, and several other Greensboro area icons.

GSO Signs

I was also told that there is some type of surprise built into the signs. I didn't see anything that was out of the way other than the artwork itself, but it's piqued my interest.

GSO Signs (2)

A 10th sign is scheduled to be unveiled later this year in the new Center City park that is under construction in the background of the above picture.


Anonymous said...

I have no intention to be rude, but it's "piqued". "Piqued my interest."

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Joel Gillespie said...

Very cool pictures. Thanks for helping us "see" things we otherwise may just drive by and not notice. The signs are a very nice touch.