Saturday, January 28, 2006

Road Trip - Nashville, TN

Westward Ho!!!! I'm in Nashville, TN for the weekend for the Mid-South Regional Emmy Awards. I am nominated in 2 categories.

I will have pictures up soon.(Have to go buy a transfer cable for my camera. I left mine at home)

Bought the cable transfered some pix.....Here's the nightime view from our room.....

UPDATE - I wasn't going to purchase the internet service here at the hotel at $13 a day but I decided it was easier than sitting in a Krystal Burger Restaurant (where I posted from earlier) or any other hotspot here in downtown Nashville. So now I have the internet in my room. I am trying to upload a couple of pix to Flickr before heading down to the ceremony.
UPDATE - I couldn't get Flickr to work on this connection. I had to use the Blogger Photo uploader and it worked perfectly. Thanks Blogger!

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