Friday, January 06, 2006

Business Cards

Almost anyone in any type of job collects business cards to keep up with their contacts, but when you're in the TV business the collection of business cards can grow to be quite diverse and interesting.

Business Cards (2)

A lot of my cards are Police, Fire, EMS cards. This was one of the various models of Sheriff Gerald K. Hege cards.

Business Cards - 2

There are also lots of Laywers, politicians, government officials and a plethera of tow truck companies.

Business Cards - 2 (2)

Some of my favorite cards are from the local NASCAR teams.

Business Cards - 2 (1)

And the collection wouldn't be complete without a ton of cards from other TV reporters and photogs that I have run into or worked with over the past 13 years.

Business Cards

I met Jim Cantore at a NASCAR Race a couple of years ago.

Business Cards (1)

Another staple business card is the 'free food' card and the 'buy 5 get one free' card.

Business Cards (9)

And cards to get us back to great places to eat. (interesting opaque plastic card.)

Business Cards (4)

This card is for that one day that me and some deputy get into a pissing match....

Business Cards (7)

That's on the back of this.....

Business Cards (8)

I also have cards from a familiar blogging buddy....

Business Cards (6)

Some of my card collection goes back to the mid to late eighties when I was just a kid. This one is my parents 'Show' card from their country music singing days.

Business Cards (3)

Most of the cards I collect get deposited onto my computer desk until I take the time to insert them into the card holding book.

I haven't kept up with getting the cards inserted into the book lately.

Business Cards (12)

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