Friday, December 30, 2005

Exclusive Video???

What constitutes exclusive video?

Is exclusive video when only one camera captures the video of an event even if the event may happen two different times at two different places?

This Video from the Winston Salem Journal Website of Jerry Wilson at the scene of his capture and arrest for shooting the Stokes County Deputy on Thursday was a Fox 8 exclusive for a period of time because when it happened, our camera was the only camera at that scene.( I didn't shoot it.)

But over at WXII they claim to have EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Wilson too! True, no other crews were at the courthouse when Wilson arrived there in the backseat of a patrol cruiser in handcuffs, but essentially the same video was already taken at the SCENE OF THE ARREST, making neither piece exclusive after this point.

What do YOU think?

1 comment:

ewink said...

I think as long as they say the VIDEO is exclusive, and not the story, it's okay.

Not that your average tv viewer would know, considering 99.97% of people don't flip channels and go 'GOTCHA!'