Sunday, December 04, 2005

Is That Thing Heavy?

The title of this post is the single most ask question every Television Photographer must deal with on an almost daily basis, well, exept at VJ Stations where they are carrying sissycams, I mean Handycams.

But now the popular query is the title of another TV Photog's Blog. (and she uses a real TV Camera!)

Angie Moriconi is a photojournalist in Miami Florida who and she uses her name as her URL now, but her actual blogspot address is interestingly creative.

Check out what this award winning TV Photojournalist is writing about and taking pictures of at


AMO said...

I came to join your site, Chris! But it looks like I already have! :)

Chris Morton said...

Weaver, I think I am gonna have to copyright CMO before someone takes it from me. AMO is a little too close. Likeness and appropriation. I'm just not creative enough I guess. Welcome AMO!

Anonymous said...

Hey, she's cute!