Monday, December 12, 2005

Lost and Found

With my vacation for Christmas impending, with just one more day of labor to go before turning in Unit 15 for 12 days, I figured the least I could do would be clean the thing out.

And as Lenslinger has chronicled on his blog, it turned into an adventure in lost and found for this "Photogifus Hoardicus", as he puts it.

The fishing poles in the picture were stashed there after a camping trip where no fishing even occurred. I also found plenty of EMPTY XDCam cases, 2 rain jackets, my sun reflector, my camera rain cover, and a bunch of dead AA batteries, 4 pair of Mechanix Wear Gloves, a can of bug reppellant, Timberland boots, rubber knee high waterproof boots, my press placard, an old NASCAR Credential, a fanny pack, a backpack, two, 3-year-old phonebooks, 200 business cards, 5 aluminum soda cans, 8 Krystal burger boxes, 5 dixie cups, 6 baseball hats, 6 basketballs, a bag of leftover lunch, Laptop Computer, an electronic organizer, 2 pair of sunglasses, poncho, cell phone charger, 2 AC/DC power inverters, a big stick, 4 polo shirts, my winter gloves, and several Beta SP and SX tapes.

This little guy found his way onto my back bumper today while I was parked at PTI Airport. I swear he wasn't on the bumper when I arrived at the airport because when I finished my assignment I found him in the way of opening the rear gate. He's mine now.

I dug deep under the seats and reloaded my map collection that had spilled out of the basket that is has become the new map home. The 4 year old Betacam SP box was retired recently after it finally gave up at the corners.

I've never even shot on SX and not on SP in more than a year and tapes are still ending up in my mobile office.

The basketballs are a leftover from basketball practice with my team. But it's only been a couple of weeks since another photog and I tossed the Sat Truck football around while waiting for a liveshot, so I can only hope to use the basketball on any given day of news boredom.

Still, I threw a bunch of stuff away, filling up a nearly empty 30 gallon trash can with old papers and such. The truck is still cluttered, but it's a start.


ewink said...

As long as you don't find Jimmy Hoffa or Gerlado's career back there, you'll be okay!

Have a nice vacation!

newshutr said...

Sure that little toy wasn't there....

At least you go the boy's happy meal..

Justin DeYoung said...

At least I know I am not te only one whos news unit is a mess.