Monday, December 12, 2005

My Basketball Team - VIDEO

The basketball season has started and with 2 games down, my Hasty Braves are 2 and 0. I am somewhat surprised at the result, this being my first time coaching a sport, muchless basketball.

Our first game was on December 3, and we won against a team from Wallburg that I thought would be really tough. We jumped out to a 19 to 4 early lead, but they pulled to within 5 in the middle of the game. That had me a little worried but we pulled off the win by 8 points.


On Saturday we played a Fairgrove team that I kind of knew wouldn't pose too much of a challenge, but what I didn't know is how great my boys would play.

Jeffrey Steal

They played like a team and 5 of my 8 players made baskets. As a matter of fact, the minimum scoring boy who did score was 6 points. We won 56 to 6.


Click here to see 2 minutes of video highlights of that game.

Our next game isn't until after the Christmas break and we face a really tough team from Lexington.

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Smitty said...

I watched the highlight reel.. The team likes to pound it inside, but more importantly pass to the open player. Good job, Coach. Was that you waltzing the sideline in a Big Blue Kentucky shirt? :-)