Thursday, December 22, 2005

1 Year Later - The birth of a Blog

I went to bed last night(Wednesday) and realized that Tuesday was my 1-year blogiversary.

It's been a whole year (Dec 20th) since I started TV Photog Blog at the insistence from Lenslinger that this blog thing was going to be big. I hadn't really paid much attention to blogs before that, but boy have I this year.

I would say that this phenomenon along with other technology can be likened to the beginning of the 20th century. In the early 1900s Ford was perfecting the horseless carriage, the Wright's were trying to take to the air and a lot of people thought they were crazy and that these contraptions would fade away. But look where we are today.

Air Care patient loadedRace Action (2)

The world is a changin' and blogs are the new airplane. There's really no telling what these silly online diatribes will look like in 5, 10, or even 20 years, but much like the Wright Brothers, or Henry Ford, I have hope that it's going to be big, and I think that eventually it will affect 100 percent of the population in some way or another. And to an extent that is already happening with blogs beginning to play a part in news coverage on local and national levels.

Bolt of Lightening

As for me, in the annual year of my blog I've accomplished a whole lot that I am proud of.

I have received NPPA awards for 2 of my stories, I was recently nominated for 2 Emmy Awards and I have been able to produce some truly amazing stories all year long.

Tree Climber (4)

I am also very fortunate to be able to have Stewart 'Lenslinger' Pittman as a friend and co-worker. Even though we grew up in the same neck of the woods, living within miles of each other, we only met when covering news in the mid-90s for separate stations. But in the past year we have worked together to perfect our blogging (though his writing is 100 times what mine could ever be), talking through ideas and working out technical issues(that's where I come in to offset his writing advantage).

Lenslinger and Chris Weaver

And I have met a bunch of great people through the blog. A lot of them I have only contacted online, but look forward to in person meetups one day.

I was fortunate to meet the lovely Amanda Congdon of Rocketboom at Converge South in October.

Amanda Congdon (23)

And back in May I got to know some of the Greensboro area bloggers at the monthly Wednesday night meetup.(Wenesdays are always booked for me or I'd go to all the meetups)

Stewart and Billy Poet

I've taken a ton of pictures in the year, at first with my cell phone, but in March I dropped a couple of bucks on a nice digital camera and that really lit the blog up.

So I leave you with some thumbnails of some of my favorite TVPhotogBlog pictures.

WGHP Digital Tower (9)MonkeyAl Shapton (8)Mont Gentry

CrowdJeremy RunningRandleman Water Main (5)Rolling Billboards (11)

School BusSquirellMyTwinn (2)Child Killed by Car 5

Hanging Rock Group 2Presidential Visit 17MB looking northSun Ming Ming

You can see more TV Photog Blog Pictures on Flickr.


Lenslinger said...

Congratulations, Chris...

It HAS been a landmark year, one in which you've helped me far more than I've helped you. Your technical acumen and eternal optimism has really come in handy whenever I lapsed into ignorance or despair (which all too often, Sorry!). For that I remain in your debt and more than willing to spring for lunch next time we rendezvous for Mexican.

Until then, I salute you - a former rival turned trusted confidante. I can't say thanks enough, so I'll stop trying. I hope people who visit this site understand what an incredible photographer, editor, storyteller and all around 'good soul' you really are.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to pull some pins out of my Chris Weaver voodoo doll...

ewink said...

Congrats on your first year as a Photo-Blog guy!

Here's too another great year! See you 12/20/06!

AMO said...

Happy anniversary! May the blog be with you.

Kenneth said...

Merry Christmas and Congrats on your anniversary. I have enjoyed your blog and look forward to another year. But, I do have one question. Remember that shot of the Charlotte skyline I sent you to work on for me....

Smitty said...

Congrats Chris! And Merry Christmas to you and the family!