Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Magazines and the Mail!!!!!

I told in a previous posting about receiving my News Photographer Magazines severely torn up.

In the past 6 months I have received my News Photographer Magazine looking like this.....

Torn Up Mag 4

and this...

Torn Up Mag 1

Both of these are ripped and torn about 10 pages deep!

On Friday I received my November issue in OK shape but on DECEMBER 2ND?! It didn't really concern me until I dug into it and there was information pertenent to the month of November that I would have like to November!

In the previous cases I ended up just letting it go.

But now that I think about it, with the November issue being so late, I don't think that's even the extent of it.

I counted up all the 2005 News Photographer Magazines that I had in the house and only found 6. So not only are these magazines torn up and late, some of them haven't even made it here at all!

So last night I sent an email to the publisher of the magazine and got a response in a matter of minutes...AFTER HOURS!!! He gave me another email address to send a note to so that I can get all my missing and damaged magazines replaced. And he definately wants me to follow up with the postmaster.


Kenneth said...

The special Katrina mag came to my house with a ripped cover. I think some plastic covering on the mag would help a whole lot. But, they would charge us more for dues for that.

Mandie said...

As a rural carrier, I deliver mags like this all the time. They come in bundles usually, and when they aren't, they get torn in the sorting process, sometimes at the Greensboro P&DC. The postmaster really can't protect your mag from a machine that spits through 10 pieces of mail per second, unfortunately.

The plastic is SO much more helpful. It's easier to slide into your mailbox, too. :-)