Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Christmas Tree!

My wife and I went and bought a Christmas Tree Thursday night and it's the biggest darned Frazier Fir I've ever spent good money on.

Usually we head over to the nearest Lowes and pick up a tree for their coporate, mass produced prices, but my wife saw a tree lot just a mile from the house with nice fat trees and so we saved the extra 10 miles or so on the round trip and plopped down a little extra on the private lot tree.

Christmas Tree (2)

It looked really big on the lot but it wasn't until I squeezed it through the front door that I realized just how tall and fat this sucker really is.

In the stand, which only adds a half inch, it was too tall for our 8 foot ceilings so I lopped off about two inches at the top.

Christmas Tree (4)

We stuck it in the corner and pushed all of the furniture back into place and the wife and my little step daughter tricked it out with all of our decorations on Friday afternoon.

Christmas Tree Lit

And those presents under the tree are apparently for me, from the wife. I think I need to go shopping!

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