Friday, October 07, 2005

Bad Post Office

If my dog had done it I would say something like, 'Bad, Bad, Bad Doggy'...but since it was our fine US Postal Service, I will put it like this, 'Bad, Bad, Bad Mail Carrier. Meet my Bad Dog!'

THIS, is my NPPA magazine that I got in the mail yesterday.

Torn Up Mag  2

Take a closer look. It was ripped clear to page 7.

Torn Up Mag 1

THIS is my June issue.

Torn Up Mag  3

It was also shredded, but I let it go, blowing it off as a one time thing.

When it came yesterday that marked about the 5th time it has come in less than perfect condition and the 3rd time with major damage.

Torn Up Mag 5

I think I'll go see the postmaster tommorrow.

Torn Up Mag 4

I wonder if she'll remember me from the last story we covered there. I remember her being really nice. Hmmm.


Inkslinger336 said...

You're lucky it's just your magazines. I sometimes get bills that look like they were shredded before being put into the mailbox.
Oh well, at least the Playboy, in that nice black plastic bag gets here un-damaged.

Anonymous said...

Weaver, I get most of my NPPA magazines with ripped covers too. I said something on B-Roll, but nobody agreed. I think you can send them back and they'll give you a new one. But I never thought it was worth the trouble.

I think they should put NP in plastic, but it's probably too expensive