Saturday, October 08, 2005

Rev Al Sharpton

Let's see.....Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Jack Hanna....and now...drum roll please....Reverend Al Sharpton.

(and tomorrow Amanda Congdon and Dave Winer and Amanda Congdon.)

Al Shapton

Rev Sharpton was the keynote speaker for the State NAACP annual conference in Greensboro today and yours truly was pulled off of Converge South Coverage to catch up with him and 'get some sound.'

Al Shapton (1)

It took a while but it finally happened. According to a press release he was to address the media at 1115. I passed him in the corridor at 1110, and was denied an attempt to follow him, me thinking he was headed to the press conference staging area.

Al Shapton (8)

Instead I was directed to another area and the two other stations and myself became quickly informed that no one locally new anything about a supposed press conference. The communities was a bit lacking.

Al Shapton (7)

When we finally did get to talk to Rev Sharpton it was a very brief three on one...but I waited after that. After my buddies from 2 and 12 left. I wasn't satisfied with the one sound byte.

Al Shapton (6)

It was worth the wait. Sharpton went off. He referenced a question another reporter had asked him, saying that the government and the media have folks under the influence of social novacane.

Al Shapton (5)

He blasted President Bush, criticizing him for blaming a lacking briefing on Katrina in the days following the storm when Sharpton himself was getting first hand information from CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN (but not Fox apparently).
"Does the TV not work in Crawford, Texas", Sharpton snapped.

Al Shapton (4)

He also threw some blame onto the African American population. He chastised them for not standing up and taking action. He called them out for not recognizing that if it weren't for their granparents they wouldn't be having a meeting in this grand ballroom.

Al Shapton (3)

He said he's tired of hearing about fancy titles people have....he wants to know what they are doing.

Al Shapton (2)

He wants to see action. We certainly have seen some action here in Greensboro this week.

Did I mention Amanda Congdon is going to be at Converge South tommorrow?!

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