Monday, October 10, 2005

Converge South - In Pictures

Converge South may have come and gone, but you can well bet that I have the photo documentation to prove it was here. I didn't take as many pictures as I should have, but what I did shoot I think tell the story.

And I didn't take any on Friday, (My TV job, as documented in my last post, kept me from spending alot of time at CS on Friday)

But starting first thing Saturday morning I popped off as many pics as the 4 double-A's as my Canon would allow.

Converge Seminar (1)

First stop Duncan Black on "Policing the Media." This one was important for me. I was interested in seeing who was sitting in on this and what how the disccussion would turn.

Duncan Black

After Duncan spent some time giving his take on today's media he opened it up to the floor. The talkers in the room were a mix of print and online journalists and others with an interest in using the blog to report their interests. (More Detail on this session later)

Converge Seminar

The second session I attended on Saturday was the one I was looking forward to the most.

Amanda Nametage

Like Sue Polinsky, I catch this lovely everyday on Rocketboom.

Amanda Congdon (19)

Amanda Congdon was in the house to spread the word about Vlogging.

Amanda Congdon (15)

Using video to blog is still in it's infancy, and certainly still growing, but done extremely well by Rocketboom with Amanda doing the talking and Andrew Barron the brains behind the Vlog.

Amanda Congdon (13)

Admittedly not a techy, Amanda took on a wide variety of topics from her background as a non-journalist doing a spoof news vlog, to the future of Rocketboom as a money making entity, which it apparantly isn't now.

Amanda Congdon (10)

She clammed up after hinting about something in the works for the economic future of Rocketboom.

Amanda Congdon (9)

After some technical difficulty with the laptop connection to the big screen and audio system, she showed off a couple of other examples of GREAT Vlogs, which, like Rocketboom, are well polished video productions.

Amanda Congdon (6)

But she admitted that just as dynamicly different written blogs can be, about a wide range of different topics and varying in style and substance, that Vlogs should also run the gammet, from a shaky home video showing off the family pets, to a highly polished video newscast, like Rocketboom.

Guy from Our Media dot Org

This guy from
OurMedia dot org gave some insight into free server space for video hosting. I have even used it once a while back to help Lenslinger get his Hurricane Stew Video online.

Amanda Congdon (3)

The above picture is a good reference back to some of the Vlog she mentioned.

  • Minnesota Stories

  • The 05 Project

  • Crash Test Kitchen

  • Tiki Bar TV

  • Amanda Congdon (21)

    After her session she spent time chatting one on one with a bunch of us.

    Amanda Congdon (22)

    And I even had my picture taken with her. (Thanks Amanda!!)

    Amanda Congdon (23)

    Ed Cone(below) and Sue Polinsky were the brainchilds behind Converge South.

    Ed Cone

    When I first saw Michael Bowen on Friday I was interested because he was on the front row of the Military Blogging session and he was tip-typing away on his portable keyboard.

    Michael Bowen (14)

    For a TV guy working on a TV story, fingers + typing = great natural sound. The kind of sound that spices up any TV story.

    But little did I know that I was meeting Cobb and I certainly didn't know he was a session leader. At the time he was just a source of nat sound during my video gathering phase of shooting my converge south coverage.

    Michael Bowen (6)

    But when I went to pick up my wireless mic from next to his keyboard I asked him where he was from and his answer immediatly led me to do a quick TV interview with the 'large mammal' from LA. (not Lower Archdale but the real LA...Los Angeles)

    Michael Bowen (8)

    He session was a study in 'Creative Branding on Blogs'. Very interesting stuff. Some of the practices he preaches I find myself already doing. But I walked out of his session knowing that I could improve this blog thing with some of his techniques. I think Lenslinger has it right...he's the Blog-Uncle.

    Converge Wireless (1)

    The only downside of Converge South was not being able to get MY wireless to work.

    Converge Wireless (3)

    I waited too late in the day and didn't have much time to spend messing with it. After about 35 minutes in the L.A.W.N room I had to give it up to get to Dave Winer's Session on 'Tools and the Future.'

    I'll call that my fault and call Converge South a huge success!


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