Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New NASCAR Movie

Here are a few leftovers from NASCAR Race weekend at Charlote.

There is a new NASCAR based movie being made and although it sounds like it's going to be corny, a la 'Days of Thunder' and 'Stroker Ace', this one is supposed to be.

Movie (1)

It is a Will Ferrell movie and it stars Ferrell and Michael Clark Duncan from 'The Green Mile'. They were set up in the last pit on pit road right across from my rooftop location.

Movie (4)

While I was using my Radio Scanner to listen to the NASCAR Teams I happened upon the frequency of the movie crew. They were using the radios to deliver dialog in the scene that was being filmed in the pits during the race.

Some of the lines I overheard as follows:

Movie lines by Michael Clark Duncan:-
"Ricky(Will Ferrell), you're driving like a pissed off teenager."
"It's OK, he's seen this before."
"It's OK, he's a proffessional driver."
"Ricky, I smell a wreck. The track is wicked."
"I've never seen a driver with that kind of car control."

Other Lines overheard:
"Is Ricky in his underwear...Is he on fire"
"It's a fire of the heart."

More information on the movie can be found at Jayski dot com.

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