Tuesday, October 18, 2005

NASCAR - Pictures

In the hours preceding a NASCAR Nextel Cup Event there are tons of fans with their garage passes around their necks and cameras in hand, wandering through the pits and the garage area looking for that one picture that says, "I was there!"

Pre Race (1)

or "Look who I got my picture taken with!".

Pre Race (5)

But mostly it's "Check out the picture I got of this car,"

Pre Race (11)

"or this one,"

Pre Race

"or this one!"

Pre Race (6)

Obviously some cars are more photographed than others.

Pre Race (8)

Popular in the Garage area this weekend the 24 car of Jeff Gordon and the 8 ride of Dale Jr.

Pre Race (10)

Everyone was taking pictures too.

Pre Race (3)

From the ladies dressed down and baited to trying to land a million dollar catch, from the quasi-exectutives that run around the garage pretending to be busy.

Pre Race (18)

I even saw a TV Soundman taking a picture or two. I missed the shot of that, and then lost track of him.

Pre Race (15)

All in all life in the pits before an event is quite the event itself.

Pre Race (14)

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Kenneth said...

Chris, I sent you a comment on Sat. but for some reason it didn't get saved. Sat. I was outside the track with the vendors. They were bitchin' because people didn't spend enough money. Next time send me your cell.