Friday, October 07, 2005

Animal Adventures

A little monkey business from one of my stops today....


And I mean the media, not the furry little animal in the pictures...

Jack and the Media

Jack Hanna from the TV show Animal Adventures was in Greensboro today at the Natural Science Center helping them raise money to keep expanding.

Jack Autographs

Jack put on several shows with many of his animals and then stuck around to sign a bunch of autographs.

Jack and Me

He also took pictures with anybody(dorks like me)who wanted something to remember him by.

Jack 3

Jack has a passion for animals that he gained as a child and says will never fade.

Jack 2

He's a great interview. He answered each question with a 5 minute response. He's full of interesting information about animals and zoos.

Girl from 2

He even let some people hold the little monkey.(which has a more scientific name that I can't remember)

Jack 1

What a cool guy!

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Anonymous said...

Very Cool Weaver.. Very Cool!!