Friday, May 27, 2005

101 Things You Didn't want to know about TV News - #101

I figure there may be a few souls out there who don't work in TV News who scratch their heads at some of the silly stuff we write. You know it...the jargon...the protocals...the setups. So I am starting a list of basically useless information I am calling '101 Things You Didn't want to know about TV News."

Number 101.....

When you see a TV Crew, attached with cables to a truck with a large round dish on top...

...or a tall mast with a small dish on top if it...

...they are either-

A-planning a LIVE Shot.
B-Doing a LIVE Shot.
C-Done with a LIVE Shot.

We get the silliest questions sometimes after liveshots like, "Hey, when is that goint to be on?" I have to laugh.

So the next time you see a TV Crew around the hours of noon, 5,6,10,11(or 24/7 for cable)...

...just wave and say high mom, because you just might be on LIVE TV.

I told you, you didn't want to know!

Next time...Number 100..."Does that mean how loud it's supposed to be?"

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