Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Photog Bloggers Unite(2) - Television is Furniture

My wife bought me a T-shirt for my birthday a few weeks ago from the B-roll dot net online store.

The quote on the T-shirt says, "Film is art, Theatre is Life, Television is Furniture."

If Television is furniture, and I am a TV Photog (who blogs) then what kind of furniture am I?

I'm definitely not the kind of furniture you go to Wal*Mart to buy.

Not that there's anything wrong with that because I once was that kind of furniture.

And Wal*Mart Furniture has become considerably better in the last few years.

Chris in front of Factory StoreI'd have to say that I am probably Thomasville Furniture.

Since I live in Thomasville and the plants that still make furniture in the U.S. are just down the road from my house it's kind of a natural selection.

But to be more specific, I would define myself as a a solid oak dining room table. I am fairly conservative and quiet when not in use. Just sitting there ready for the job at hand.

Like the table can be used for eating, gaming, working or just gathering, I am a master multitasking. When something needs to get done I feel like I a more than capable platform for whatever the job.
Thomasville Furniture Sign

Like the quality furniture that Thomasville turns out, I was created by hardworking folks who have seen hard times and good jobs come and go.

I even share the Asian connection with furniture.(My camera, DUH!)

Thomasville Furniture Plant CHopefully I will endure the ages, not a here today gone tomorrow piece.

I would like to gracefully age into a fine antique be passed down through the generations with memories of dinners and stories and pictures past revived into conversation every now and then.

Here's the all the photog bloggers. Take a moment to check out what kind of furniture they relate to.(Here's my guesses about what kinds of furniture they may be....)

Be sure to check them out!

lenslinger A huge wallmounted bookshelf full of insightful and enjoyable books of all different flavors.

newshutr's viewsA Burkline Recliner, nice and cozy, kickin' back and relaxin when not working hard.

beFrankA contemporary and hip entertainment center with all the latest in Televsion viewing neatly tucked against a wall of art.

kazz's worldHmmmm..this one's tough...but I'll say he's a buy it in a box assemble it at home computer desk with a nice cherry finish, like you can get at any electronics store.

little lost robotA black veneer entertainment center with room for a kickin' sound system and huge HDTV. All of the accesories are on the shelves, proudly displayed for all to see.

smittyA bedroom set including the King Size Bed, Chest of Drawers, and Dresser, all mohogany of course.

erin winkingA metal finish computer center with a place for everything and everything scattered about waiting to be put in it's place.:)

colonel cornA sleeper sofa that is willing to accomadate the assignments that other pieces of furniture would thumb their noses at.


Lenslinger said...

Okay, I'll get off my sofa and post...

(Great Job!)

Smitty said...

Excellent post. Sorry I couldn't contribute MORE this time around.

Look forward to round three!


jimcaserta said...

What kind/piece of furniture am I? A good question to see how people view themselves.

Anonymous said...

ha ha Chris,,your more like a "lazy-boy" with worn plaid upholstery. Over worked, abused by the kids and animals, despite complaints of weird noise's your wife can still sleep with it but still comfy. LOL

Anonymous said...

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