Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Fire Bus

It's great when employees of a company or organization come up with an idea and that idea is turned into reality.

That is exactly why the City of Greensboro Bus in these pictures looks like a Fire Truck.

FireBus 3

A couple of firefighters from Station 4 in Greensboro came up with the idea to paint up a City Bus like a firetruck...but it's not really painted, it's a big, and I mean BIG....sticker.

FireBus 2

It's just like the NASCAR boys use on their race cars. The department took a picture of the Firetruck, added some graphical information to it and a large printer printed out the HUGE vinyl sticker.


The Fire Department is using the bus on all the city routes to promote fire safety, with an emphasis on smoke alarms.

FireBus 4

The side of the bus has a picture of the FireClown, the FireDog and some saftey tips about smoke detectors.

FireBus 5

This is a great idea, and I guarantee there will be some excited kids in Greensboro who get to hop the Fire Bus.


Kenneth said...

Chris, I like your new look. I'll have to get in touch with you on how you did it. I would love to have the Charlotte skyline under my title.

The Colonel

Smitty said...

Very cool!

The bus.. And the new banner.

The other day, I had to shoot some documents for a story.. Guess what?

I utilized the "Weaver" chair pan. Thanks for teaching an old dog some new tricks.. Before he headed home to Kentucky.