Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Me and the Sun

Red Arm
It's inevitable. At least once per year I will do this to my body.

It usually happens when I am at the beach or maybe when I am doing some heavy duty yard work.

Today it was fishing. I was out shooting a fishing story and since the fish didn't want to cooperate...I was there waaaaaay longer than I had planned...without sunscreen.(OR LUNCH!!!)

But still, a day at work going fishing....I'll take the sunburn.(AND NO LUNCH!!!)

It's all good.


Kenneth said...

Man, I carry sun block in the unit. Half the time I don't use it but its there. Two days ago I stood out in front of the Fed. court house waiting for a perp walk for four hours. Never thought to go back to the car for the block. My head looked like your arm.

The Colonel

Unknown said...

I think I have sunblock in the car but we had taken a boat uplake. And I think our fisherman/ subject had some with him, but I just didn't think about it. Serves me right :) Weaver

Smitty said...

It's time to break out the green medicine.. aka.. aloe vera!