Friday, May 20, 2005

Road Trip with Pictures

I am lucky that I don't usually have to rise at the crack of dawn for my job. But then again, there are those days that I do get to witness the sun rise...and it's really tough, because I stay up so late.


Thursday was one of those mornings. Road Trip. I was headed to Graham, NC, and I needed to be there by 7:15. Not for the Greer trial sentencing phase, but for a school story at a local school that will air in a week or so.

I shot the story in short order and after a short wait I shot some standups with the Anchor when she arrived after getting off the set from her morning show gig.

The next item on my agenda was a trip to Raleigh, but first I had to go to back to High Point and pick up Bob Buckley...after all it's his story we are shooting!

All of this time on the highway got me to thinking....I've been to Raleigh once a week for the last three weeks! That's a lot of driving.

Roy Cooper

Two weeks ago Chad Tucker and I were in Capital City interviewing Attorney General Roy Cooper about his bill to protect your social security number.

Me Chris Weaver

Last Tuesday, I got all dressed up to go see Governor Easley drive a stock car. Oh Yeah, they did some legislating too.

Chris Dressed up

Today our agenda was the NC Sports Hall of Fame induction.

NC Hall of Fame camera

Several triad faces are being inducted.... from left....Elvin Bethea played football at NC A&T, Add Penfield lives in Ashboro and was the voice of Duke Football and Greensboro Patriot Baseball(before they were the Grasshoppers, Bats, etc...), George Whitfield was the baseball coach at my alma matter Goldsboro High School(way before I was there), Woody Durham voice of the tarheels, Anson Dorrance and Peter Fogarassy.

NC Hall of Fame group

After A&T, Elvin Bethea played in the NFL.

NC Hall of Fame

Penfield has retired as the voice of the Blue Devil's but is still sharp as a tack.

NC Hall of Fame 2

Woody Durham. What more do I need to say.

NC Hall of Fame Woody

It was a busy day but a nice break from the usual, although it's becoming quite regular.

Jeremy Baseball 5 19 05

But I did make it home just in time to catch my youngest son's baseball game.

Jeremy Baseball 5 19 05 2

He hit a single, a double, a triple and made a few nice plays in the field.

(like catching a pop fly with his eyes closed...)

Jeremy Baseball 5 19 05 3

It was a good game until a storm moved in and the heaven's opened up.(no pix due to concern for the moisture threshold of my camera)

Jeremy Baseball 5 19 05 4

And then the day was done!

Except that I shot video of the rainstorm and had to go back to the station with the 45 seconds of cars whizzing through standing water sending up rooster trails that would make the best ski boats jealous.


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Lenslinger said...

Awesome photos, Chris and a great wrap-up on a number of subjects. I think we're both learning you can cobble a decent (if not kick-ass) post without jaw-dropping events to write about.

And those photos! I LOVE the sun shots, but the son-shot may be the prize winner. I could never get an action photo like that on my digi. Oh well...