Thursday, May 26, 2005

Begining - Middle - End

Begining...Middle...End. These three words are the mantra for good story telling.

Whether you are an acclaimed author hammering out the critical details of a steamy romance novel, a 4th grader penciling in the mandatory handwritten essay, a reporter covering the latest breaking news or even a Television Photojournalist piecing together pretty pictures and salicious sound for your(my) next award winning story, those three words hold court over the way we view life.

Those three words define the way I spent the last month covering the trial of Jerry Stuart who was convicted last week of first degree murder in the death of his girlfriend April Greer. I covered the begining of it, the middle of it, and the end of it.

I didn't make it back over to Graham but once for the middle of the triad. And I spent one day during the jury deliberations wating patiently for a verdict in the case.

And then I was back at the end. The jury was out, trying to hammer out a sentence. It ended just before noon on Tuesday throwing major monkey wrenches into our plans for a Live Report at the noon hour.

We made it happen. Live at noon with the freshest sound, hot off the disc from the courtroom camera. The jurors and the families were dismissed. Jerry Stewart is now at Central Prison. And the lawyers and the judge and the whole court staff get to start over at sqaure one for a new, and most likely, less media involved procedure.

The End

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