Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wild Blue Yonder...

Just after the flightIn 1995 I was just a fledgling 22 year old photojournalist with just 2 years of professional TV experience under my belt. But even in that short amount of time I must had made a great impression on the PR guys and gals at Seymour Johnson AFB there in my hometown of Goldsboro, NC, because when the Thunderbirds came to town that year they asked to fly on the media flight.

It was a no brainer. I had wanted to be a fighter pilot as a kid so Hell Yeah I was gonna fly.

Let me just say, it's like nothing else in the world!!!

PUSH Play or CLICK HERE and laugh at me or with me....either way it was great.

It was really cool how proffessional they are and how they treated me. For pulling the 9g's I received a tie pin that I still have. I was also given a large personalized poster, a flight certificate and they took a roll of pictures documenting the day that they also handed over to me.


Anonymous said...

Its still exciting to watch that. But my chest hurts after watching the 9gs part. Good for you.

Kenneth said...

Chris, Great video. "How did you do that?"

While I haven't been on a fighter jet. I did take many rides in military aircraft when I was embedded. I never will forget the feeling of pulling a few g's.

I have another skyline shot of Charlotte I'm going to send you to play with. Thanks for helping me with the look of my page.

The Colonel

newshutr said...

MAN that was great!! But with all that heavy breathing, you missed an opportunity to drop in "Luke, I am your father!!"

Billy Jones said...

Way cool! I've never been in a jet fighter. Had some durn fool Vietnam Vet Chopper pilot with a death wish fly me UNDER a power line one time! I would have killed him if I could have stopped screaming like a little girl.

The there was the girl with the hot air ballon... I'll have to tell you about her stunts in private.