Wednesday, March 08, 2006

ACC Tournament
Prep and Practice

I spent a lot of Wednesday at the Greensboro coliseum. Starting across the street from the complex, my reporter and I covered the departure of the new Indoor Football Team the Greensboro Revolution as they left for Osceaola, Florida for their first game.

We went across the street to shoot standups for the story where the Revolution will play, yet this week is the home of the ACC Basketball tournament.

ACC Basketball

And it's in full Basketball mode.

ACC Basketball (10)

From the chairs all lined up nice and neat.

ACC Basketball (11)

To the balls on the hardwood ready for practice. And yeah, the ESPN banner can only mean one thing....High Definition Television.

ACC Basketball (2)

This is one of the HD Cameras set up by ESPN for game coverage. However, there are two broadcast entities at this tourney. Raycom/Jefferson Pilot is also broadcasting the games. Some of the games are only on one or the other while some are simulcast by both broadcasters.

ACC Basketball (34)

The technology was being set up in full effect. The remote camera on top of the basket is ready to go. Microphone's are set up in multiple place to capture the sound for the Surround Sound broadcast.

ACC Basketball (6)ACC Basketball (3)

And technicians spent the day checking and double checking all their connections.

ACC Basketball (7)

After shooting a 3 part standup about great seat prices for Indoor Football, I stood still for a quick snapshot to prove I was there...and then we left. We headed back to the station to get today's story written, edited and on the air for 6.

ACC Basketball (9)

Since I came in at 7am I was able to check out a little early so I went and picked up my son and step-son and we headed back to the coliseum to watch a little pre-tourney practice.

ACC Basketball (16)ACC Basketball (26)

We saw about half of the Miami practice but I didn't take any pictures.

ACC Basketball (17)ACC Basketball (24)

NC State's practice was at 6. The local media and TV crews from Greensboro, Raleigh and Charlotte were on the air for the 6 o'clock news and some of them had a second camera on the floor capturing the pre-tourney action.

ACC Basketball (14)ACC Basketball (20)

Below is WXII Photographer Chris Peterson catching a litte up close baseline action.

ACC Basketball (23)

I think these guys below were from Charlotte. Look, the reporter is hooking the Photog up with a white balance from his handy dandy legal pad.

ACC Basketball (25)

After State's practice hour was almost done it was time to call it a night.

ACC Basketball (29)ACC Basketball (31)

But not before I took the boys to the kids zone.

ACC Basketball (32)ACC Basketball (33)

My buddy Chris(left) and my co-worker Kenny D. (right, blue shirt) were still in full photog zone as I left.

Hopefully I'll get back over to the coliseum for a few of the games. I've lived here 9 years and never been.

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