Friday, March 10, 2006

WGHP wins NPPA Station of the Year
Medium Market Category

It hasn't quite soaked in yet. WGHP is the NPPA Medium Market Station of the Year.

WOW!!! I'm speechless. (but I can still type:))

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I am proud to say I work along side these guys every day, running the streets of the Piedmont Triad of NC gathering sight and sound and turning them into stories.

We put stories together at the breakneck speed of news, making great things happen every day no matter what.

And when I put out the word for them to give me their best of 2005, they brought it.

Matt JensenGSO Murder NEWSDavie County Animal Prints (2)

Based on the comments, I think the judges saw that too.

Kevin Labrecque said, “The winners did do a good job of making me feel as if I
were there.”

Ray Meints said, “The winner, WGHP-TV, in my opinion was
the station that I considered the most consistently sound.”

Stotelmyer said, “Again, showing consistency was a key factor in the decision.’

Ernesto Torres said, “The wining station had a real strong and solid
tape that had very good storytelling and creative storytelling to make all of
there stories compelling, and interesting. The word I would use to describe this
entry would be ‘Creativity.” It had the all elements. It had a couple of good
examples of how to tell a much better and strong story.”

And with the runner up shop, WFMY, just up the road a bit Lou Davis' comments are dead on...

“One competitive market, the top two have very competitive photo staffs!” Lou
Davis said. “One had a trend of letting the moments happen on tape moving the
stories forward. The other, a consistent, clean presentation throughout the
tape. The winner distanced themselves with more creativity in their
storytelling/pictures which pushed them over the top.”

“It will be interesting to see how future bragging rights develop in the
Triad of North Carolina. Keep up the good work everyone!”

I had a good feeling about our chances while putting the tape together. Several of our stories already had good fortune in the NPPA Quarterly Clip Contest and the MidSouth Regional Emmys.

Like our Newsroom Mission Statement says..."Excellence in Powerful Storytelling." That wouldn't be possible without the pictures and sounds these guys hunt down on a daily basis.

You can see all the NPPA Winner's Stories HERE and read more about the NPPA Best of Photojournalism Contest HERE.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations... we look forward to seeing your tape on the Poynter website. You do realize since we took the runner up position.. it means all out war for next year. Just kidding.. but we will be gunning to take away that top spot.

Kenneth said...

Congrats from the Queen City. I think North Carolina has more than it's fair share of high quality stations. I've worked in every market but the triad. Brad wanted me to come there when I was looking in Charlotte. Maybe I should have listened.

AMO said...

That's awesome! Congrats!!