Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reporter Arrested
Devil's Advocate
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The previous blog entry laid out the details of a local TV Reporter's encounter with a non-cooperative viewer and his subsequent arrest for misdemeanor assault.

But the details of the incident and warrant for his arrest leave a lot of questions about what may have happened and why.

Why did this woman and witnesses tell police that the reporter wrestled the woman to the ground over a For Sale sign? Did he really 'wrestle' her to the ground or was it incidental contact in the heat of the moment?

Ask anyone in the public service arena about trying to satisfy an unhappy customer and the answer will be one word; impossible. Ask the bosses in any customer service industry and they will tell you why. It the old mantra... The customer is always right. Maybe the reporter forgot that.

But why did this woman oppose the News Crew being on her street using her home as an example of a housing market on the verge of being flooded with homes for sale in a crappy school district? That's rhetorical.

A lot of the people involved in the school district debacle are already on edge. So it doesn't surprise me in the least(and never does with any news story) when someone declines to be a 1 minute example on the Evening News Puppet show.

Did he really wrestle this woman to the ground? Or was the difference of opinion between this lady and this reporter enough to push this lady to the point of exaggerating the contact between the two? Only the reporter, the Photog, the Woman, and maybe some witnesses the newspaper article spoke of really know.

It could be that this woman is very passionate about getting her house sold and didn't understand the importance of her situation to a pushy reporter who was just trying to make his Live report have some flare?

What I do know is that there are two thing that will always raise eyebrows create controversy; School District lines and the Real Estate market.

As local Televsion journalists there is a lot of pressure to get the job done, not now, 10 minutes ago,almost, no matter what. ALMOST!

And that almost is where this situation took a wrong turn.

Whatever happened out there on Tavern Court last week certainly was a culmination of one person trying too hard to do a good job and another person trying desperately to preserve the integrity of a Real Estate listing.

Only time and the court system will really shed some light on the details of the scrap on the front lawn over the For Sale sign.


Anonymous said...

He's an asshole, don't defend him. No matter the circumstances, he should've said, "I'm sorry you can't see the significance of this story," and moved on to another house. It's his own fault for not asking in the first place, something that should ALWAYS be done when you're in someone's yard!

Anonymous said...

I heard that in the mid 90's, Eaton was charged with trying to poison a neighbor's yappy dog with a lawn pesticide. She was later found not guilty.