Monday, March 13, 2006

Award Winning Photog Staff
A Rare Gathering

Kind of like Lenslinger said on his blog, this here is a rare picture.

Fox 8 Photog Staff
FOX 8 WGHP Photojournalists

Almost all of the Photogs from WGHP Fox8 gathered together in the station parking lot in front of the Santa Maria Sat Truck for a group photo celebrating our naming as the NPPA Medium Market Station of the Year.

Fox 8 Chief Photog Keith Hale
Fox8 Chief Photojournalist, Keith Hale

A couple of the guys had conflicts shooting their stories that just wouldn't let them get back to the station. Ken DeVanney rolled into the parking lot as we were walking away from the photo-op.

Fox 8 Photog Kenny DeVanney
Fox8 Photojournalist, Ken DeVanney

I almost missed it myself, but my reporter for the day decided we didn't need the 2 O'Clock interview, that what we had shot was enough. He was right and for that I thank him. Wes Barrett and Ken Cravens made the trip over to High Point from the Bureau in Winston-Salem to take part in the picture.

Fox 8 Photog Wes Barrett
Fox8 Photojournalist, Wes Barrett

I'd personally like to thank all of my fellow Photogs for working so hard all year long to make memorable TV.

Fox 8 Photog Ken Cravens
Fox8 Photojournalist, Ken Cravens

We don't often get the credit we deserve in the daily grind of repeatedly gathering news but an award like this brings to the table the hard work it takes to make Great TV.

Fox 8 Photog Brad Ingram
Fox8 Photojournalist, Brad Ingram

Everyone on the staff really hustles to get the job done. We all work together and we are all proud of what we have accomplished.

Fox 8 Photog Tim Bateson
Fox8 Photojournalist, Tim Bateson

I think we can repeat!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats to all of you at Fox 8. Even though I am in a different market only an hour's drive away, you guys have a reputation of great photojournalism.

Once again congrats.

Nice seeing you on Friday at the ACC tourney.

Don Ingle

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Congrats to you.

I am getting ready to graduate from school and I hope to some day work for a station with your repuation. Any suggestions to a recent grad?

By the way I have 5 JVC GY-DV500U's for sale. Some have lower than usual hours some are mid-range but NOTHING over 130 hours.

Again, Comgrats !!!!!

William C. Klinger