Monday, March 27, 2006

The "Local TV Reporter Arrested" File

Checking the WFMY website today and I noticed something was missing...The Reporter Bio of (named removed by request)...It's gone!

I also heard from a source or two that he has landed a new job that is taking him to Charleston, SC. Apparently it's a PR gig.

Coincidently, today was also his court date in Guilford County District Court in High Point for the assault charges filed against him after an altercation at a live shot scene.

A homeowner filed the charges against the reporter claiming he grabbed her and tried to pull her to the ground while she was trying to remove her home's for sale sign from her front yard before the Live report.

The house on Tavern Court where the incident happened was (likely) randomly chose for the 11pm Live Shot because of it's for sale status in the controversial Guilford County School's reassignment switch-a-roo area.

I still don't know any more details about the altercation than when I last typed about it but I have noticed that he hasn't been on the air or the web. I also don't know if he found a new job because he thought he needed to or his bosses did(of course, they likely have the whole story, at least he and his photog's version).

According to court records the case has been continued for a month, which is standard operating procedure in the overburdened court system.

Hey (named removed by request), feel free to jump in any time. Best of Luck in your new endeavors!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

And the hits just keep on comin'...

Changing coming to WXII too... today it was announced that Chris Horn will leave in June.