Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Last Edit
Sweeps is Over

While Lenslinger has been to Hollywood and back, hogging Edit 5 with a one track mind, salivating over Idol coverage, and blogging about his close encounters with Chris Daughtry , Kelly Pickler and Heather Cox, I've been going in about 25 different directions hoping to get all my XD Discs back from those reader, writer, reporters.

Edit Day (1)

This is what I've been dreaming about all February. It's the timeline that fills up with extra long, fancy edited, super special sweeps stories.

Edit Day (4)

And since Wednesday was the last day of the're looking at my final sweeps edit of February 06 ratings period. A Nielson special that wrapped up with 9 sweeps stories that averaged 5 minutes, with the longest being 7 minutes 7 seconds long.

Edit Day (3)

The editing part of this journey all started on the first day of the ratings period, which was February 2nd, with a Speeding story that included a trip to the crash test institute where they crashed a Ford Fusion into a barrier at 40mph.

Edit Day (11)

This final story was about the International Civil Right's Museum that is being built in Greensboro. The edit was an eleven hour monster, the record for this month.

Last February I spent 21 hours on a Neill McNeill Special about Teen Driving. I split that into 8 and 13 hour segments over a 27 hour period.

Edit Day (7)

Today I had a bunch of documents to shoot to finish it up and another photog went out with the reporter and shot a last minute standup for it.

Edit Day (8)

Most of these sweeps pieces are all day affairs only occasionally interupted by spot news or a quick round of VoSot patrol, but no such interuptions today. I did take my hour lunch, but the rest of the day it was straight through, shooting last minute documents and editing.

Edit Day (5)Edit Day (6)

Boy! Where did the month go!

Edit Day (9)

Now for May! Got any ideas?

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