Thursday, March 17, 2005

Change of Season

With Spring now just less than 55 hours away I have officially put my yard into pre-season training.

With temperatures on Saturday and Sunday surpassing 70 degrees I was able to spend time cleaning up a winter's mess and preparing for the change of season.

I dethatched, spread fertilizer and dropped 50 pounds of Wal-Mart's finest Kentucky 31. By the time dark fell it was raining and the green yard gods have smiled nicely on my brown winters death ever since, soaking the seed to the roots that should be able to quickly establish.

But Thursday morning I woke up to two words that a News Man waiting for Spring dreads to hear. "It's Snowing!"
Schools closed and cars wrecked and the green grass of Saint Patty's day was almost fully covered by the white cloak of winter.

Who said we wouldn't get any snow this winter in the Triad. Too bad it was gone by noon.

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