Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Coming Together

Law Enforcement Agents from the Southeast came together in a show of solidarity for their fallen brother, Special Agent David Wilhelm. Wilhelm was shot and killed by the Nichols guy who escaped from the courthouse in Atlanta.

Today the body of the slain officer was escorted home to Salisbury, North Carolina by more than 200 squad cars, 3 News helicopters and Live Coverage by the Cable Networks.

The traffic stopping buzz around town combined with the contigent of us local media on the ground had the folks in Salisbury wondering if the President was coming through.

What is was, was 2 hectic hours of intense News Gathering. It was 4 o'clock when the procession arrived in Rowan County from Atlanta.

With just 2 interviews on tape, we found ourselves in a situation that everyone here faced.

We had to work quick to make anything happen for 5.

And then also for 6.

Crews from all the stations stayed busy gathering their own elements, tweaking and calling in the perfect scripts.

We all had to be ready to go live, each using our own distinctive signature style to tell the story.

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Billy Jones said...

Chris, you and Stewart most certainly work in a rat race. Reminds me of my many years on the road. "Hurry up and wait."