Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Pizza Inspectors

Sometimes people say the darndest things.

We stopped in at a Dominoes Pizza to get their reaction about a new 250 home neighborhood that is being developed just a half mile from their restuarant.

While I was shooting video of a driver answering calls, waiting for his next dispatch, an older lady came in to get a pizza. She notice me gathering video with my XDCam with the station logo on its side, but she didn't even flinch about walking up to the counter to place her order.

I continued about my news gathering duty of getting the video to carry the story and I didn't give the woman a second thought. But when my reporter and I piled back into the live truck after we were done with Dominoes she started laughing and told me something the old lady had asked her as I was in the back shooting a worker making the pizzas.

The woman asked my reporter, "Are y'all the Pizza Inspectors? Is this how y'all inspect the pizzas?"

I tried not to laugh too hard because the lady was still in the store right in front of us as we sat inside the livetruck, hands covering our mouths, trying hard to breath.

My reporter told her that we were just doing a news story about the economy, but we don't think the lady really believed that.

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