Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Trial and Error

The lingering political saga that is most widely known if you mention Former Davidson County Sheriff Gerald K. Hege is continuing this week with the trial of County Commissioner Fred Sink.

The involvment of Commissioner Sink began in the public forum back on July 8, 2004, which is also my wife's birthday, when Sink was summoned for a court appearance.

Sink, a former Davidson County Sheriff, US Marshall, Emergency Services Director, and past Chairman of the County Commission of which he still serves, is accused of letting the (now former)head of the Davidson County Maintenence Department, Ron Richardson, come to his house and repair a toilet while on the clock with the county and in a county vehicle. (and according to the DA's opening statement this toilet repair didn't take very long at all.)

Mr. Richardson is accused of performing this type of on the county's clock work for several high profile people in the county including former Sheriff Hege, Commissioner Cindy Akins and Katherine Gentry who is the head of the county's senior services. Richardson was originally charged with obtaining property by false pretense because he was being paid by the taxpayers of Davidson County while out galavanting at the home of the high and mighty in Davidson County. But Richardson turned state's witness and the high and mighty are now all charged in connection with allegedly knowingly receiving the services of Mr Richardson.

That brings us to today and the start of Commissioner Sink's trial. Sink refused to plead out. He told us on camera on that day in July that Richardson had not been to his house in at least 10 years. And so today 13 jurors were selected and the trial has commenced.

Since the date of his arrest for the charge he has been RE-ELECTED to his county commission seat and has maintained his innocence in the case.

So here I am, 'till the end, sitting inside Courtroom C, or just outside of it when it's the other stations' turn to run the pool camera.(That's them doint their Live shot across the street from us.)

The writer's of the 'Dukes of Hazzard' couldn't have thought up a plot this good!

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