Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The Notebook

No, not the Novel by Nicholas Sparks or the Movie based on the book. The Notebook is a little composition book that I carry in my back pocket. But I can't claim the idea for the pocket sized memory bank as my own.

Stewart 'Lenslinger' Pittman introduced me to the idea of the little notebook through his musings and in person.
He would often tell me about his little black composition book and one day we talked about it more in depth so I bought one for myself.

This little 4.5x3.5 inch notebook fits really nicely in even the smallest back pocket and it only set me back 50 cent or so. I opted for the little BLUE version.

I had always tried to carry a reporter notebook to take my notes on, write personal thoughts in and keep track of numbers in, but inevitably I would misplace the bulky spiral bound beast that really never fit nicely on my rear and isn't really practical to carry most places.

I found having the little notebook very easy to keep up with and the pages soon filled like a daily journal crossed with a scratch pad for random thoughts while standing next to my camera.

So it was much to my dismay last night when my wife asked me a question from the laundry closet while tossing to me a shread of white papers with a freshly washed and dried look.

I was in denial at first....but then I saw the little blue cover. Oh NO!!!

It figures. I can't keep up with anything expecially if it has a chance to land in the Washer. I must have left it in my pants pocket after my day on Friday, which, even though it started out with a great view of Pilot Mountain, was so crazy I can't even bring myself to put it into words...YET!

I guess I will have to go back to ****Mart and spend another 50 cent. (And try to decipher much of the notes from The Notebook #1 as possible.)

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