Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Proud Dad

I am a Proud Dad, so let me give my kids their due on my blogging bandwith...

If you know me you know that I have 2 boys that are mine and 3 other step children (2 more boys and a girl) I am always proud of all of them in their various activities but some of their most recent accomplishents are fairly noteworthy.

First off let me congratulate my younger stepson and his team, The Hasty Bulldogs, for winning the 2nd - 3rd Grader Ledford Community Basketball Championship. They were undefeated for the season.

This is my oldest son Davey.

He isn't the fastest or the tallest and he hasn't scored hardly any points all season, but he has a lot of heart. He is extremely lucky to be on a great team with several very talented teamates and an extraordinary coach and assistants.

Together this diverse group of guys came within 3 points of the perfect season. They lost the Davidson County Championship Game by just 3 points in the closing seconds of the game. But the season continues as they now get to play against top teams in the district tounament.

So far to district games and two wins. (For the record these are 'Pool Games' which, I think, is a way of setting the bracket for the district tournament. Even the losers get to continue after the first three games.)

It's form like this from Landon Lassiter, #2,1 that is really what carries the team. His uncanny abliitly to drive the lane and make the bucket or draw the foul can really spark the team to life. In a recent game they found themself in a 15 point hole and Landon's efforts with the ball promptly sparked new life into the team. They crawled out of the hole and took the lead in only 1:30 of play.

And my boy Davey, #25 above, has gotten a bit more playing time in these now longer games, and I see improvement everytime he handles the ball, but he still hasn't scored points in the post season, although he had a great steal and fast break in tonights game, until the 6 foot tall boy on the other team politely rejected his layup.
On the same day of the County Championship game this past Saturday, my younger son Jeremy had a competition of his own to attend. He had to run his Pinewood Derby Car.

We spent a lot of quality time sawing the pineblock and perfecting the cut of the car.

The competition from the other boys in his den was fierce, with cars as diverse as each first grader in the group.

Jeremy's car won first place among the Tiger Cubs and third place in the Pack.

Now he gets to go to the District Pinewood Derby Race.

I love being a Dad!

Next time....back to the grind of News. (on the fourth day of spring!!!)

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Smitty said...

You hit a homerun with this swing in cyberspace. Thanks for sharing! Keep those boys in check! And don't hesistate to post more insight from the softer side of Weaver!