Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bad Doggy

This Greensboro Pit Bull doesn't look so tough now, but that's only because the animal handlers at the Guilford County Animal Shelter couldn't take his shenanigans. After attempts to be non-judgmental, he forced their hand with his angry antics and put him under a heavy dose of sedation.

Dog Attack 2

I could tell he wanted to get up and lunge at my throat, but the meds wouldn't allow it. Instead he laid there with a slight whimper every now and then.

So there he sits, in Doggy jail, awaiting his Doggy trial, which should be considerably shorter than the Jackson circus.

This dog's fate will almost certainly be the death penalty.

Dog Attack 1

His crime...attacking an 86 year old woman as she was trying to walk 3 doors down to go out to lunch with her friends.

The dog attacked the lady, latching onto her lower left leg and not letting go until a passing motorist stopped and ran the dog away.

Dog Attack 3

When the police arrived, neighbors warned of the vicious Pit in the next yard, and as the Greenboro Officer rounded a hedgerow the dog leapt toward the cop clamping down on the right hand of the long arm (of the law). The officer was knocked "on his ass", as one neighbor who saw the whole thing put it.

"His shotgun went that a way and he went down that a way." the neighbor told me motioning way to the left and then way to the right.

The officer pulled his 9mm service revolver and shot the dog twice, once in the left front leg.

So now the dog is in 'jail'. The card on his cell warns of his propensity for human flesh. The woman who was attacked told the police the dog belongs to her next door neighbor.

So far, NO ONE is claiming ownership of the dog.


Lenslinger said...

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