Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wi-Fi at PTI

Traveler's rejoice, wireless internet is now hot at Piedmont Triad International Airport.


I was sent out there for my TV gig to cover the joint press conference held this afternoon by the airport and the wireless internet provider Opti-Fi.
It was a little different as far as press conferences go. They held a wire cutting as opposed to a ribbong cutting, to signify the event.


The company's director of sales, Bob Le Sueur was surfing the net while answering all sorts of silly questions from where does it work and who will use it, to how fast is it and how much does it cost?


The answer to those questions are- 1)anywhere in the terminal and concourse and- 2) anyone with wireless laptop, usually busy business travelers, to- 3) it's high speed wi-fi connect from a T1 line at the airport and- 4) from 25cents a minute to $35 a month.(Sorry it's not free!)


And I even had a chance to look at my blog while taking pictures and ingesting soundbytes. It didn't load as quickly as it does on my 5MB/s Cable modem, but it wasn't bad considering the size of this blog.


I can only begin to imaging the new possiblities of covering news at PTI. Not to mention waiting to catch that flight(that has been delayed by weather and mechanical and .....)

I have to get a laptop.


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