Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The VJ Van- not just any news truck.

Sitting in a parking lot it looks like any other Dodge Caravan with a rainbow of vinyl lettering announcing it's purpose. It's a TV News unit. Constantly garnering the attention of locals wherever it travels...and receiving waves from more kids than Ronald sells burgers....this is the best known staple of local TV Newsgathering.

But this is no ordinary News Van...THIS is VJ Van.

VJ Van 4

Get a little closer and you will see. The usual seating for seven is sacrificed, a desk and storage in the spot the that formerly held two passengers.

VJ Van

Several outlets provide AC power that is converted from the engine battery. After shooting a full day worth of news the VJ can climb in and get the job done with a laptop computer that is a fully functioning Non-Linear editing station.

Storage, being ever precious in a news car, is spacious in the VJ Van. All of the tools of the trade can be popped into the compartments built into the newsvan desk.

VJ Van 3

All this van needs now is a WI-FI hookup to feed back video and it'd be complete.

Until then a more conventional (and somehow begining to seem old fashioned)Live truck meets the VJ everyday allowing the video to be sent back to the station.

And a (conventional) photographer sets up the truck and shoots any live shots that are needed for the story.

Coming up tomorrow......

vj Heidi 3

Meet one of the VJ's that work in the VJ Van.

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