Thursday, June 09, 2005

Neill McNeill; The Real Scoop.

Caron Myers and I were finished with lunch today at the T'ville Diner and ready to jump back in the live truck for more news gathering action, when a divergent kind of action found us.

tville diner

Coming our way across the parking lot is a lady who, seeing the large live TV truck promptly asks us, "Y'all takin' pichers indere?"

"Naw, we're done, go on in," I told the woman, not giving her a second thought.

But she wanted more conversation from the two TV people she thought she recognized.

"I know you," she told Caron, "You dat lady on TeeVee. What's your name?"

"I'm Caron Myers." Caron responded, always up for a conversation with anyone, anytime.

The lady then gives me the tilt head and twisted stare, "I know who he is. He's dat sexy man on TeeVee. What's his name?"

I laughed a little and shook my head as I continued on to the live truck.

"You know," Caron returned, "That's Neill McNeill," she quipped, referring to our main anchor who has been with WGHP for 22 years.

"Naw it ain't, Neill McNeill is on Channel 2," the lady said with blind veracity(and possible drunkeness).

I just kept walking, trying not to laugh up my lunch.

(Please check out this link that I found to a TV Feature shot last year in the T'ville Diner)


Anonymous said...

Link? To what about T'ville diner? Went there, done that, nothin' happened. Your Mom

Unknown said...

I fixed the link...sorry.