Wednesday, June 01, 2005

101 Things You Didn't want to know about TV News - #100

If I told you that I was shooting, editing, writing or airing a VO would you know what I was talking about? Would you care?

Then I won't keep you for long.

You already know how we are so attached to LIVE now it's...

NUMBER 100 on the - Things you didn't want to know about TV News.....

A VO is a Voice in Voice over Video. As the Anchor, or Reporter during a Live Shot, reads the script live on the air, video is played on the screen.

This is the most commonly used element in TV News. There are many many VOs in a 30 minute newscast and they usually only air for 15 seconds and have about 5 different unique shots.

There are a few slang meanings for VO that work just as well....Video Only....V-ide-O....Video Over(voice....which makes a lot of sense, since the video that is playing is covering the video where the live voice is coming from. HMMM.)

Next Time....SOTS and computer terms for the 21st century??? I think not.

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Becky said...

I like knowing this stuff. My family was in radio.