Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Live...it's not a drag.

Sometime our work days drag by and sometimes a day is.....well.... a DRAG.

Today we had the story of Burlington, NC police officer Charles Shehan who was dragged almost a mile by a car.

Chris Liveshot

It started as a simple observation in a parking lot. The officer saw a youth with a beer. When he approached the car, the driver popped the car into gear, threw on his seatbelt, and floored it.

Officer Shehan became entangled in the law abiding, seat belt wearing driver's seatbelt and was along for the ride.

Eight tenths of a mile later the car ran a stop sign and hit a curb and a tree, throwing the him clear.

Shehan wasn't injured. The driver and his juvenile passenger were aprehended later after fleeing from the wreck.

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