Friday, June 24, 2005

With Great Malice: THE VIDEO of an Unusual Robbery

When two patrons walked into the convenience store on West English Road in High Point where Marion McKinney Jr was working his shift I'm pretty sure the last thing McKinney was thinking was, "Alright, this is it, I'm fixin' to get robbed!" may HAVE crossed his mind. I once worked a short stint as a store clerk in my college days and there were always a lot of customers on every shift who had that shady look that made me wonder whether that customer had plans beyond buying beer and cigs or general rowdiness.

Probably even farther out of the reach of McKinney's wildest imagination was how the robbery would go down.

Here it is.....PUSH PLAY on the Video Controller(you can right click on the video box to make it larger)

The robbery happened this past Sunday. A husband and wife were arrested for the robbery and the assault on Wednesday.

Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman met with McKinney on Thursday for an interview for the TV side. He files this blog about McKinney's reaction to the incident.

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