Thursday, June 23, 2005

Car through Store Front - Your other Left!!!


Regardless of what you think the sign hanging over the back of the little white car says, Frank's Shoe Service on Bessemer Avenue was closed on Tuesday after the car's driver mistakenly planted her foot on the wrong pedal on the floorboard.


Her inadvertent mashing of the accelerator sent her car screaming through the front door of the business, taking with it the entire storefront, but somehow leaving the Open sign hanging over the entrance.


A customer who was inside the store was pinned between the car and the counter. EMS crews took that person to Moses Cone Hospital with injuries a police lieutenant told me did not appear to be serious.


As my cross town colleauge and I worked to get our respective 30 seconds worth of video clips for the evening news, the rubberneckers slowed on Bessemmer to catch a glimpse.


All sorts of lookie-loos were walking around trying to figure out exactly what had happened. It was a simple matter of directional confusion. Your other I tell my kids.


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