Monday, April 17, 2006

Capturing the Action
30 frames per second

When Rockingham County deputies were arresting Brian Wilson for the death of his Grandmother, we were all there in the hallway of the public entrance, just on the other side of the looking glass, engaging our respective video recording devices to permanently inscribe the scene onto the medium of our choice.

And since the booking area for fingerprint and mugshot taking is just on the other side of this glass, it is the perfect setup for a hungry media.

Wilson was none to happy to catch a glimpse of our presence and commence to flipping us the single finger salute and repeating the 7 dirty words(and then some) that George Carlin and the FCC has said we can't use on TV.

hockin' a loogie

The sheriff told Wilson to calm down and he accepted our presence. But when he spotted his 1st Cousin standing behind us peering in also the accused murderer became irate. The deputies had to restrain him, and get him out of our view (again...from a public hallway).

As they led him out of the booking area Wilson let his expressive side get the best of him. As our recording devices prove, capturing the action at 30 frames per second, he is quite accomplished in the sport of loogie hocking.

I guess he'll have something to do if he's convicted and locked up for life.

As for his first cousin's thought on all of this...

"I hope he dies and burns in Hell!"

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