Friday, April 21, 2006

Officially Sanctioned Blogging
WCNC Photog Blog

Slowly but surely more and more media outlets are letting the staff have the keys to the company website to post their thoughts on station sanctioned blogs.

TV Photojournalist Ken Corn has been blogging on his own now for a while, but now he's able to post his experiences on the official WCNC-TV Blog.

As a matter of fact the WCNC Blog appears to be accessible to all of the WCNC Staff.

Check out the WCNC Blog HERE

Ken's Personal Blog is HERE


Kenneth said...

Hey Chris, thanks for the pat on the back. You knew when I said two and a half readers I was talking about you, slinger, and my son who only tunes in half the time. Thanks again for helping me get the word out.

BeFrank said...

Maybe someday we can all be paid for our blogging efforts. Well, if was about the money, I guess it wouldn't be quite as much fun.

Pats on the back all around for you guys.