Sunday, April 23, 2006

Time to Go!

Today's the day. Time for Stewart and myself to fly out to Sin City for the holy grail of TV Trade Shows,also known as NAB. I am writing this at the gate at PTI waiting for the plane that takes us to Atlanta to arrive.

Waiting to Fly (2)

From Atlanta it's on to LasVegas where Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman and I will spend the little time we have reserved there to check out all there is to see and do related to Electronic Broadcasting Gadgetry.

Waiting to Fly

I don't know where we might find any time to sleep, but that ain't worrying me none! I've survived on less sleep.

Waiting to Fly (1)

Gotta go, the plane is here!

The Plane

Next Stop, Hartsfield Atlanta!

Next Post....on the ground in Vegas.....(sometime after 2am ET)

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