Friday, April 14, 2006

New Face on Triad TV
Nicole Ducouer

There are a couple of new faces on TV News here in the triad and (although I'm certainly not advocating watching any news other than Fox 8 WGHP, The News Leader, that can be found on Cable Channel 10 in most places) I have run into one of those new faces two days in a row now, so I got her permission to take a closeup snapshot (as opposed to doing it from afar in a sneaky, creepy kind of way) and put it here on the blog.

Nicole Ducouer has been at WXII for two weeks. She came to the triad from WDTV in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Nicole Ducour - 2

According to her bio on her station's website she has interviewed former P.O.W and West Virginia native Jessica Lynch and she also covered the Sago Mine Disaster.

She's even been sprayed with pepper spray in the course of newsgathering and it apparently paid off...she won a spot news award for the story!

She's a Steelers fan from Pittsburgh, but we won't hold that against her but she says she thinks she is going to love the warm summer sun of North Carolina.

"I am so happy to be working in such a wonderful place," she said. "I have
yet to meet a stranger in the Triad. I'm proud to call Winston-Salem my new
home. "

That's not quite true however. This morning when she was arriving at the scene of a murder in Rockingham County she met one. As she was getting out of her newsvan a man asked her what was going on and a conversation ensued something like this...

With limited information she proceeded to engage the stranger, "We're told it was a home invasion and a lady was killed."

"Is the sheriff down there?", the stranger asked.

"Yeah, he's down there," she quipped unsure really.

"Nah, he's not, cause I'm the sheriff," Sheriff Sam Page laughed, knowing he had the North Carolina Rookie in his grasp.

He's no stranger to the media, not to Nicole any longer.

Welcome to North Carolina!!!

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