Friday, April 14, 2006

TV Travels
going where the news is

I spent all day in Rockingham County covering the story of the man who is charged with killing his Grandmother but in his 911 call he says that it was a home invasion and that an unknown suspect or suspects did it.

Law enforcement didn't buy the story, so Sheriff Sam Page held court over the Media from the area to explain.

Rockingham County (2)

But that's not what this post is about. This is purely a lookee-here at all the TV folks that will travel to a rural county when mayhem or murder breaks out.

Rockingham County (1)

After all it is broadcasting, so when the nature of a local story escalates above hyper local interest the nearest TV stations will find their way to the scene.

Rockingham County (16)

When it rises to statewide interest, crews from across the state will travel with gear bring it to their veiwers.

Rockingham County (15)

And on occassions, somewhere everyday actually, local news issues become national events drawing lenslingers and sound techs and correspondents from all the major news networks.

Rockingham County (14)

And although today's killing was only a regional event for the purposes of today's smotherage, it could very well have become national watercooler easily depending on the other stories of the day. Apparantly the other grandparent killing of the day up in Pennsylvania was a little more salacious since 6 lives were taken.

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Kind of like the whole Natalie Holloway case in Aruba. How many people go missing each year and only a very, select few become national chatter?

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But that's just the way it is. It's a strange equation. Two stories of the exact same details on two different days can have very wide swings in coverage from the media because of other circumstances of the day.

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I basically boils down to what is the most important thing to cover starting fresh every morning.

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And then we go...and do our thing. Tommorrow it will likely be totally different.

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